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Immunotherapy to Cure Cancer

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Dr. Courtney Crane’s Lab at Seattle Children’s Research Institute is spearheading treatments that use the immune system to eliminate cancer, without the devastating and often lifelong side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

This immunotherapy approach has been shown to be effective in fighting leukemia and other blood cancers, but solid tumors have a unique ability to fly under the immune system’s radar and avoid its attacks. For instance, the body automatically sends innate immune cells, such as myeloid and natural killer (NK) cells, to the area around a tumor. Once there, however, cancer cells can modify those immune cells to stop them from eliminating the tumor.

Crane’s team is unraveling exactly how cancer cells disarm immune cells, with the goal of finding ways to reprogram those immune cells so they can elude cancer’s defenses and destroy brain tumors, neuroblastoma and other cancers.

Twenty years from now, harmful treatments like chemotherapy could be a thing of the past. But we can't make this progress without private donors' support. You can support the entire process of bringing cures from the laboratory to the bedside by making a donation today. Thank you for your support.


"Too many good ideas are never tested in children fighting cancer.  Donors like you are vital in the promising advances our laboratory is making - and treatment to children in a fraction of the time.  Your generosity through the Steven Higgins Brain Tumor Research Fund accelerates critical research, brings collaboration with top scientists in the U.S. and internationally, secures government grant funding and more. Thank you for investing in new treatments and better futures for children with brain tumors."   Dr. Courtney Crane.


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