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On Feb 7th of 2018, our wise and goofy 9 year old Oliver was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and our lives changed irrevocably.

We were shocked to learn that standard chemotherapy treatment for ALL takes three and a half years for boys, but we took comfort in the fact that cure rates for ALL are usually fairly good: in the US, five-year survival rates for “regular” cases of ALL are around 85%. Seven days later, the genetic studies of Oliver’s cancer cells were finished, and a second blow landed: Oliver’s cancer is “low hypodiploid”, a rare and aggressive subtype that is difficult to treat, requires much more toxic chemotherapy, and has a high rate of relapse. Oliver’s classification was switched to Very High Risk.

Thanks to the outstanding care Oliver has received at the High Risk Leukemia Clinic at Seattle Children’s Hospital, he has achieved an initial remission and he is responding well to treatment (Go Ollie!!). We have every hope that Oliver will lead a long and happy life, but the road ahead is uncertain, and relapse will always be on our minds.

Fewer than 40% of children diagnosed with high-risk forms of leukemia will live for more than five years after diagnosis. Even though childhood cancers in general often receive significant attention, high-risk leukemias are often under-studied and under-funded. The market of high-risk childhood leukemia patients is usually not large enough to attract drug-company funding for clinical trials, and federal funding usually covers less than a third of the cost.

Children's Hospital has created a program specifically targeted at high-risk childhood leukemia, and this fund directly supports that program's efforts. The fund's resources primarily support the clinical trials conducted at Seattle Children's to evaluate potential new treatments for children with high-risk leukemia. The fund also supports genetic testing of patients, which can improve outcomes by indicating which therapies may be most effective, and also provides valuable input data to clinical trials.

Please join us, in Oliver’s name, to help children facing high-risk leukemias. Your dollars will make a real and immediate difference for him and other children being treated here in Seattle who are in the most urgent need of improved treatment options. This is an area where private philanthropy makes a critical difference, and where Seattle Children's is leading the way.

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