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Encouraging CRMO Research and Understanding
CRMO Families United
There is no way to explain how it feels to be a parent of a child who screams every day in pain because their bones are inflamed and breaking, and there is nothing you can do. As families of children and adults battling this incredibly rare and horribly painful disease, we realized early on how we need researchers on our side to help our loved ones battling CRMO (Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis). We have partnered with the international CRMO Physicians group to collect data and push research forward. Currently we are raising funds to collect data from our CARRA Partners worldwide. The results of physical exams, pain and patient-reported outcomes as well as imaging studies will be compared across different treatment groups in order to determine the optimal treatment for children with this condition. Long-term follow up of enrolled children is extremely important to understand whether the effectiveness of medicines is long-lasting.
Please help us raise much needed funds for this important work and to push for further research and an eventual cure! Your donation gives HOPE to those who are suffering!


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